Relationship Therapy for Couples

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Hetrosexual Couple

Would you rather fight "the problems"…than each other?

Do you wish it were easier…to have difficult conversations?

Do you find yourself criticizing and defending…and not resolving anything?

Is it difficult to talk about sex…how to do it, when to do it, whether to do it?

Are you dealing with the aftermath of infidelity…and having trouble letting go of the effects?

Would you like a therapist…

  • who can help with difficult conversations?
  • who can teach you how to talk about/listen to feelings?
  • who can help you build a loving connection, and greater understanding?
  • who can talk about sex?

Gay and Lesbian Couples

Single Man

Do you wonder if the problems affecting your relationship…are the same as those affecting straight couples?

Do you wonder how "being gay" affects how you respond to problems…perhaps even influencing the nature of the problems?

Culture, familial judgments, shame, and greater sexual accessibility…are just some of the issues that can uniquely affect gay couples, creating problems that become internalized within each of you.

What if you could stop fighting each other…and team up against the discourses that work against loving connections?

I am curious about how sexual agreements between partners are influenced and affected by both hetero-normative expectations as well as a more sexually open gay culture. Trust can be defined, uncovered, and reinforced, and communication can be enhanced and strengthened.

Getting Started

Smart people come to therapy because they have not succeeded in "fixing" their relationship by trying to think it through.

Would you like to connect your brain and your heart? When couples fight, they are often fighting for the same thing (connection); it just doesn't feel like it! Learn how to translate the language of conflict into a conversation that builds trust and safety in the relationship! Learn how to listen empathically to each other so you have more understanding of the other. Therapy can help you to build the relationship you both want to be in.

I can assist with:

  • lessening criticism and defensiveness
  • avoiding resentments and jealousy
  • "Affair Repair", rebuilding trust after an infidelity
  • choosing monogamy, making monogamy sexy
  • exploring non-monogamy, including polyamory
  • sexual issues around performance and desire
  • individual needs vs. relationship needs
  • improving sex or lack of sex

I welcome traditional and non-traditional couples, recognizing that each relationship is unique and rarely looks the same from couple to couple! I am sensitive to cultural issues and differences, and the challenges they can create in relationships. I work in a structured way to guide you out of criticism and defensiveness and into understanding and empathy.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Tony Davis Psychotherapist

Tony Davis, LMFT

Complimentary Consultation

I offer a complimentary consultation, so, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the issues you are looking to discuss. Just give me a call or email me to set up an appointment.

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 81838)
  • Call or text: 323.963.3183
  • Email:
  • Office Locations: 7906 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 217, West Hollywood, CA 90046